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Brian Swartz

Cascade Consulting adds value in the governmental entitlement, community relations and outreach, and project management services provided to its private sector and non-profit clients. Through our proactive, comprehensive, creative and collaborative approach, we achieve success for our clients.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in real estate development, Brian has assisted in and managed projects in excess of $250M in residential, mixed use, retail development and non-profit projects.

Brian's professional experience includes:

  • Developer and Investor; Student Housing around UC Berkeley & UC Santa Cruz campuses

  • Project Manager, HartWest Real Estate Development Consultants

  • Project Manager, Hamilton Affordable Housing Project

  • Staff person, Marin Continuum of Housing

  • County of Marin, Resource Development Specialist

  • Project Manager, Land Development Consultants

  • Assistant General Manager, San Mateo County's Economic Development Association

  • Special Projects, City of San Mateo's City Manager's Office

  • Investment Banker, BMW Investment Group

  • Reporter, San Mateo County weeklies & San Francisco Examiner



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